Community Education & Empowerment Programme (CEEP)

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CEEP works to empower vulnerable communities through legal education

CEEP is a community-based project focused on the provision and distribution of legal education resources and tools tailored for those who need it most. Ultimately, our resources empower victims with a practical understanding of the law. Our tools, in the form of animated videos, are carefully developed by legal specialists to provide disadvantaged and minority communities across the UK with the legal information they require. CEEP aims to diminish the disproportionate rates of vulnerable populations often from lower socio-economic households with little to no knowledge about their legal rights despite needing representation and support.


We believe that everyone, especially marginalised communities, deserve clear, relatable information that helps guide their way through legal issues. Our work makes the law easily available to people who need it most, when they need it the most.

Who we serve: We focus on meeting the needs of marginalised BAME communities, youth under the age of 18 and survivors of gender based violence and abuse in the UK. These key groups are disproportionately more likely to be negatively impacted by police engagement. For example, black people in the UK are 5 times more likely to have force used against them by police in England and Wales than their white counterparts and in 2019 there were only 32 arrests per 100 domestic abuse related crimes.


What we do: Put simply, CEEP educates and empowers. We develop culturally relevant, animated digital tools targeted for vulnerable individuals to help them understand, articulate and remember their rights. The content allows these populations and victims to be able to understand how the law can punish and protect. CEEP animated videos cover a range of aspects of criminal law, practice and procedure including tailored topics such as:


  • Police powers of stop and search


  • Interviews under caution


  • Cyberbullying and social media offences


  • Domestic abuse court proceedings