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We provide innovative, up-to-date, high quality legal education training and online digital resources designed to enhance your legal knowledge and practical skills.


The founder of is Sonia Simms, a Barrister with substantial courtroom experience. She combines practical knowledge and experience of court room advocacy and litigation with her practical knowledge and experience of designing and delivering legal training courses and resources. 




These are just a handful of reviews from former students, colleagues and trainees:


Sonia was an excellent advocacy tutor and I certainly have her to thank for my ‘Outstanding’ in cross-examination on the bar course. From the onset, she has been understanding and supportive, knowing exactly when to push her students and when to give us a break. A devoted teacher, Sonia created acronyms to assist with memorisation, religiously ran through the proper sequence of questioning, and often donated her free time to ensure we all understood the curriculum, even during a pandemic. She always ensured we all felt comfortable and confident. Calm, charismatic, relatable and well respected amongst students, staff and barristers alike, Sonia was the perfect advocacy teacher for me. 

(Peteché Bethell (Bahamas) BPTC Student Ulaw 2019-2020)



The advocacy training that I obtained from Sonia Simms has been simply remarkable for me, and I dare say my colleagues. On the BPTC Sonia was able to truly help me understand the role of advocacy as a student and also as a barrister. I had struggled with previous tutors and felt as though I had no real clarity of what I was doing wrong, or how to improve my cross examination and examination in chief. Ms. Simms was able to quickly hone in on my strengths and weaknesses within ONE session. As a result I achieved my highest marks on the course for the Advocacy assessments. Ms. Simms prepared me so well that when real life unforeseen circumstances found its way in to my assessments, I was able to rebound and focus on the training provided so that I could apply it readily. On several occasions the actual assessment had a different set of facts which I had to, in a very short period  of time, learn and apply law.  Where one would have had 10 days to prepare I had fewer than two days and even less than 6 hours to do so.   I was able to do so with incredible ability as I was able to use her framework, tips, and tools to master advocacy.  To this day I am thankful for Ms. Simms ease of instruction, patience, and extensive knowledge in the field of law and advocacy.  My voice is stronger and the confidence and training obtained remains with me in and out of the court room.   I am forever indebted. 

(Former BPTC Student LLM, LLB (Hons), BA English Trained Barrister International Maritime and Commercial Attorney)



One of the best tutors I have ever had. Her understanding is amazing, links everything back to practice which is helpful. Her teaching style is straightforward and engaging and makes the material memorable. Her advocacy feedback is also precise and extremely constructive.

(Former BPTC Student)

Sonia Simms is an excellent Advocacy Tutor.  I used her when I was needing to brush up my advocacy skills after time away from the Bar. She is innovative, clear and concise. She is able to explain and demonstrate advocacy techniques in a way which illuminates and demystifies. Taking away any fears you may have of appearing in public. 

(J. Ghent Former Local government lawyer).



Excellent teaching – Sonia is engaging, approachable, introduces topics logically and explains them clearly. Thank you! 

(Former BPTC Student)



“Sonia is a highly imaginative and inspiring advocacy teacher.  Her students achieve high standards in witness handling, thanks to her dedication to teaching them sound techniques and professional delivery.”

(Claire, Former BPTC Subject Leader (Crime), Solicitor Advocate)



Sonia is an excellent advocacy teacher. I started with no court advocacy experience, but under Sonia’s guidance was able to develop skills quickly, and my own style naturally. Her feedback is always constructive, and she gives demonstrations based on your own examination-in-chief or cross examination to show you specifically how you can improve. Her style of teaching is very effective.  

(Alex Da Roza, BPTC Student 2019-20)


Sonia is an amazing teacher. She offered great advice on how you can improve your skills and it is evident that she has sound knowledge of the area. 

(Former BPTC Student)


Sonia Simms is one of the best lecturers at... She is committed and does her job very well. She delivers the workshops and direct us in Advocacy very well.

(Former BPTC Student)


Excellent teaching. I love how she broke things down and made everything so clear. Thanks so much.

(Former BPTC Student)


Thank you so much Sonia for being such a great teacher.

(Former BPTC Student)


The only tutor who understands the exams and the syllabus, who provides you with the time to practice and improve and is comfortable with her subject matter. An excellent tutor.

(Former BPTC Student)


Very clear explanations during class with examples, and covered the material thoroughly but within good time as well. Excellent teaching and guidance, and very approachable.

(Former BPTC Student)



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